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advertising discounts

Please note: Discounts do not apply to inserts or AdZines.

Option 1: Base Discount

The Base Discount applies to contracts with multiple months in the same newsletter or ads in multiple newsletters. These ads do not have to be the same - they can be changed monthly or be neighborhood specific. The more ads purchased on a contract, the larger the discount. Peel, Inc. will design all the ads needed for the length of the contract including any applicable changes.

  • 3 ads - 5%
  • 6 ads - 10%
  • 12 ads - 15%

Option 2: Gold Discount

The Gold Discount is similar to the Base Discount with a few additional criteria. To qualify for the Gold Discount, either:

  • All ads for the contract are exactly the same. Peel, Inc. will design one ad that will be used for all editions and neighborhoods on the contract.


  • Print-ready ads are provided for direct inclusion into the newsletter publication. Contracts with print-ready ads may include different ads each month as long as all ads are provided print-ready and received by the appropriate deadline.

Gold discount rates are as follows:

  • 2 ads - 10%
  • 3 ads - 15%
  • 6 ads - 20%
  • 12 ads - 25%