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To submit an article for consideration in one of our newsletters, please review the guidelines and follow the instructions below.

Guidelines for Submitting Articles

  1. Stay legal. If your article has not been authored by you, we need permission to reprint it. Fill out our Reprint Permission Form (PDF, 56KB) and send it back to us. We must have this on file before we can publish the article.
  2. Know the article deadline for your newsletter. Articles received after the deadline (usually the 10th of the month prior) will be considered for the following month's issue.
  3. Identify your newsletter. Because we print many newsletters, it is imperative that you identify the newsletter in which you want your article published.
  4. Be brief. Your article may be edited for space and/or content.
  5. No articles disguised as ads. If your article includes information that would portrey it as an advertisement, it may be excluded or edited (for instance: contact information included within the body of the article may be removed). Bylines may also be edited or removed at our discretion.
  6. Don't embed photos. When submitting photos, submit them as attachments, not as embedded objects within a document.
  7. Include your contact information. Please include your name, address, and phone number so that we may contact you if we have questions about your submission. Although the contact information you provide will not be included in the newsletter, we cannot publish an article that does not include contact information with the submission.

How to Submit Articles

Submitting articles is easy using the form below. Our system will send the article directly to the newsletter's editor. Please read the tips above before submitting an article as this will assist us in receiving your article quickly and accurately.

You may either copy-and-paste your article into the form or attach it. If attaching a file, please ensure it is in text (ASCII), RTF, or Microsoft Word format (DOC not DOCx, please). PDF files will not be accepted. Files larger than 50MB will not be accepted. If your file is larger than 50MB, consider compressing it first or using a file transfer service like YouSendIt.

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By submitting this form you assert that the article was written by you or you've included a Reprint Permission Form (PDF, 56KB) with your submission, that you have the legal right to submit the article for inclusion in the specified newsletters, and you acknowledge that while the author retains the copyright on the submitted material that articles may be edited for length if necessary. While we make every effort to include all submitted materials in the newsletter, the newsletter's editor and Peel, Inc. reserve the right to exclude articles due to content or space restrictions.